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soldering iron tip maintenance


The soldering iron tip is an accessory product for the soldering iron. The soldering iron head, soldering iron tip, welding head and welding tip are the same products. They are the matching products of electric soldering iron and electric soldering station. The main material is copper (copper/oxygen-free copper), which is a consumable product and is a kind of welding material.

Physical structure

The general soldering iron tip is composed of the following parts:

Since the copper conducts heat quickly and can efficiently transfer the heat of the heating body to the pins of the member to be welded, the core of the soldering iron is made of copper. In the past, most of the tips were leaded materials, and some suppliers have now changed them to lead-free ingredients in order to meet market needs. There are four main failure modes for the tip:

1. Surface coating crack damage: This damage does not occur as long as it is used normally.

2. Corrosion: This is inevitable, and the following will focus on the analysis.

3. Dewetting: The reason for this effect is that the surface of the soldering iron produces oxides. Since the oxide is a heat insulating layer, it hinders the heat transfer of the soldering iron. When you feel that the soldering iron is not hot, it is often The soldering iron tip appeared to be non-sticky (the phenomenon is that the solder forms a spherical shape on the tip of the iron like mercury).

4. Wear: In normal use, as long as the soldering iron is in contact with the soldered pins, wear will occur. If it is dragged, the wear will be intensified.

Soldering iron model

Tip model: 900M-TB tip, 900M-T-LB tip, 900-T-SB tip, 900M-T-S4 tip, 900M-T-0.8D tip, 900M-T-1.2D soldering iron Head, 900M-T-1.6D tip, 900M-T-2.4D tip, 900M-T-3.2D tip, 900M-T-S3 tip, 900M-T-1.2LD tip, 900M-T- 2LD soldering iron head, 900M-T-1.8H soldering iron head, 900M-TH soldering iron head, 900M-T-0.5C soldering iron head, 900M-T-0.8C soldering iron head, 900M-T-1C soldering iron head, 900M-T-1.5 C tip, 900M-T-2C tip, 900M-T-3C tip, 900M-T-4C tip, 900M-TI tip, 900M-T-SI tip, 900M-T-S10 tip, 900M-T-S11 soldering iron head, 900M-TK soldering iron head, 900M-TR soldering iron head, 900M-T-RT soldering iron tip, soldering iron tip, lead-free soldering iron head, Wilo soldering iron head, soldering iron head, welding material, welding consumables .

Soldering iron nozzle technology

The size of the tip is directly related to the heat capacity:

1. The larger the soldering iron tip is, the larger the heat capacity is. The smaller the soldering iron tip is, the smaller the heat capacity is.

2. When performing continuous welding, use a larger tip to reduce the temperature drop.

3, the iron head has a high heat capacity, can use a relatively low temperature when soldering, the soldering iron tip is not easy to oxidize, increasing its life.

4, short and thick tip heat transfer is long and young iron tip is fast, and more durable.

5. A flat, blunt tip can transmit more heat than a sharp tip. In general, the size of the tip is not affected by adjacent components. Selecting a geometry that is in full contact with the solder joints improves soldering efficiency.

Soldering iron nozzle maintenance method

1. The appropriate tin wire should be selected for welding, which is good for welding and head maintenance.

2. The welding head should be kept clean during welding, which is good for welding and beautiful solder joints.

3. It is often coated with tin on the tip to facilitate soldering and prevent oxidation.

4. Rest should be tinned and turned off, which will help life and prevent oxidation.

5. The iron tip is oxidized and disposed of in time to facilitate welding and prevent scrapping.

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